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Speedo Futura Biofuse Junior Turquoise/Pink

Brand: Speedo
SKU: 8-012339078
Speedo Futura Biofuse Kids Swimming Goggles Turquoise/Pink are available.

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Perfect for young swimmers, Futura Biofuse®goggles are made using Biofuse®technology and supersoft, gel-like materials, making your child's comfort top priority. The UV filter protects your child's eyes from the sun making them ideal for outdoor swimming and holidays. They also have anti-fog technology so children can see clearly underwater.

Features & Benefits

Ideal for children aged 6-14

Variety of lens

Biofuse®goggles mould to the shape of your face for a cushioned, leak-free comfortable fit.

Super soft seals - for a leak-free comfortable fit and reduced marks around the eyes

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