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Nike Kids Tracksuits Royal Blue

Brand: Nike
SKU: 685068798788
Boys/Girls Nike Academy 16 knit Tracksuits are available in different sizes.

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Boys/Girls Nike Academy 16 knit tracksuit offers great performance with modern look.These kids tracksuits are great choice for training,sports, football and leisure.

These junior suits include a track top and trouser.These knit tracksuits are made for Dri fit fabric and ideal wear for sports activities.


Jacket with rib collar

Side Zip Pockets

Half Rib cuffs

Tapered bottoms and dropped back top hem

Size Guide

                              Xs Age-6-8       S  Age 8-10         M Age 10-12     L Age 12-13      XL Age 13-15


Jacket Chest           24/26"                 26/27"                 27/29"                    29/32"            32/34"


Bottoms Waist          23/24"                 24/25"               25/27"                   27/28"              28/30"


Bottoms Length         28"                        30"                     33"                          35"                  38"